Saint Joseph’s Core Values
We believe that each individual should be treated with the honor, respect and reverence that is fitting to his/her dignity as a human being, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin or handicap.

We believe in protecting the individuality of each resident while making every effort to meet his/her specific personal needs with a broad spectrum of services and programs.

We believe in providing holistic care with as much restoration of body, mind and spirit as possible.

Saint Joseph’s Vision
To provide the finest level of nursing care for the chronically ill, aged and infirm in a healthcare environment that is as homelike as possible.

To provide maximum restoration of physical, mental, social and spiritual functioning through the use of a multi-disciplinary team approach to disability and disease.

To emphasize prevention of disabilities intensified by the aging process, treatment of the resident with special attention to the needs created by the aging process, and restoration of the individual to a level consistent with the limitations imposed by the aging process.

To meet the needs of self-esteem, affection, belonging, achievement, recognition, independence and hope in our chronically ill and aged.

To recognize that behavior problems can be a sign of compensating for a loss of function, to accept them as such, and to work to educate staff and provide support for the effected resident.

To enrich the retiring years of the aged and chronically ill of our community and surrounding communities.