Certified Nursing Assistant Course (January 7th, 2019 – March 15th, 2019)

Are you looking to begin a career in healthcare? Are you interested in working with and caring for others?  Saint Joseph’s Rehabilitation & Residence is seeking interested applicants for participation in a 10 week, 180 hour CNA course during evenings! The classes will be held every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 5-10PM!  This course will provide students with classroom, lab, as well as hands on, clinical learning! Students will be working closely with the residents of Saint Joseph’s as well as staff, developing skills and knowledge to provide quality resident-centered care.

If interested, you must apply no later than Friday, December 28th!

Saint Joseph’s will pay for the cost of the course and upon completion, students will take the state of Maine CNA exam.

The CNA Training Covers:
Age-specific care through the lifespan
Safe patient care delivery
Infection control principles and practices
Body mechanics and mobility skills
Communication skills
Assisting with activities of daily living
Nutrition and assisting patients with meeting nutritional needs
Common health problems and nurse assistant care
CPR and Basic Life Support (BLS)

In skills labs, students practice taking vital signs, assisting with patient mobility, and patient hygiene skills.

Eligibility Requirements

To apply, you will be required to take the CASAS reading test and will need to score a minimum of 236.  You must also complete an application packet. A completed application packet consists of:

  • Completed Online Application
  • Two copies of a photo ID with signature (i.e. driver’s license or State ID card)
  • One copy of proof of High School Graduation or equivalency
  • Two copies of Social Security Card
  • A completed SBI (State Bureau of Investigation) form. To access, click here
  • Two positive professional references; must be from a manager, supervisor or teacher.

Admission Criteria
Important: You will be required to have a STATE BUREAU Of IDENTIFICATION (SBI) CHECK prior to beginning the clinical experience of this program, and this must be submitted to the Registry when being placed on the CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT REGISTRY. The fact sheet on EMPLOYMENT RESTRICTIONS provides information about felony convictions that will bar you from employment as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Please read the fact sheet and sign the application form stating that you have read and understand the information regarding your ineligibility for employment IF you have any of the convictions.

1. Minimum age 18 years

2. Positive personal characteristics
Dependable, reliable, work habits

3. Documentation of High School Diploma or GED (before conclusion of CNA training)

4. Ability to adequately read and write English and perform math calculations
Grade level of 9.0 minimum required… 12 preferred
Entrance Exam – CASAS adult level student

5. Investigation Background Check (s)
Maine State Bureau of Investigation Background Check
Background Check (s) from other state/s when appropriate

6. Immunizations
MMR (unless born before 1956)
All immunizations and testing required by the cooperating clinical facility, including Hepatitis B (series of 3), varicella, documentation of negative TB test or negative chest x-ray within the past year, and tetanus (optional).

7. Two positive professional references; must be from a manager, supervisor or teacher.

8. Interview with primary instructor & Human Resources

A person cannot be a CNA in Maine if he/she has been convicted of theft or abuse in a health care setting, sexual abuse, or a crime for which one could have received a 3-year sentence. If you have questions about this, please contact the Maine CNA Registry at (800) 791-4080, or visit their website.

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