We have a great team at St. Joseph’s!

What’s it like to work at St. Joe’s? We think Kelley Hartman, our Social Work Assistant, found just the right words to answer the question.


It’s about telling my bosses my mom has cancer and their main concern is that I am ok, and I am able to spend whatever time I need with her, and know my job will still be there.

It’s about people coming out of their offices to cheer on a man who hasn’t walked in months as he takes his first steps down the hall with prosthetics.

It’s about my boss believing in me and encouraging me when I don’t believe in myself.

It’s about doing everything one can to get a resident’s loved one to the facility for a visit, even if that means paying for a cab to and from the facility.

It’s about being told to stay home and care for my sick child and not to worry about my job. Family is important.

It’s about our Maintenance Department going out on snowy days to pick up an employee who can’t make it to work because their car is not safe in the snow. It’s about that same Maintenance person going out on a snowy day to pick up a resident’s loved one to visit a family member.

It’s about our nurses practicing how to French braid on their friends’ hair because one resident really wants her hair French braided daily.

It’s about LOVE. It’s about not feeling like I’m going to work every day, but feeling like I get to spend eight hours a day with extended family.

It is impossible to put what St. Joe’s means into words, because love is something that is felt, and not described.

St. Joseph’s is looking for people who enjoy being with the older population. If that describes you, we have openings in the following positions available.

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