Like many people, Kay did not want to go to a nursing home. When it became apparent that it just wasn’t safe for her to remain in her apartment, her family strategized and worried about how she would react. They needn’t have. Kay told them she was ready to go to St. Joseph’s, and she’s never looked back.

Kay loves being in the midst of activity. Early on, she began wheeling herself out to reception where she takes pleasure in greeting everyone. Kay’s niece Vicky says that the staff has been wonderful facilitating that role for her: “There was a point when personal issues may have prevented Kay performing her role as greeter, but the staff did everything they could to make it so she could continue doing what she most enjoyed. They found a way for her to thrive. And she is thriving.”

Vicky continues, “It is really clear to me that the staff are all willing to do whatever it takes to help my aunt live a full life; her best interests are foremost. For example, each Christmas Eve, my aunt had always come to my house after Mass. With her personal issues, she worried she would not be able to attend. But her nurse’s aid offered to come on her own time just so my aunt could come to the party. And while my aunt was too tired to attend after Mass, I won’t forget her aid’s willingness to do that for my aunt.

“The staff treats the residents as they themselves would want to be treated. They know my aunt. I just cannot imagine a better experience for her. She loves it here. She is so happy.”