(excerpted from Harvest Magazine March/April 2016)

“It was a wicked tough thing to do, but when all else fails in life, when you can do the right thing, then you’ve done something. And we did what we thought was the right thing to do,” says Gene Fetteroll about moving his wife Barbara into Saint Joseph’s.

Barbara had fallen or nearly fallen on several occasions, the result of weakness on her right side caused by a ruptured cerebral aneurysm 20 years ago that left her in a coma for 11 days.

The couple decided that Barbara needed to be in a place where she would be safe.  They chose Saint Joseph’s because Barbara had stayed there while recovering from surgery several years ago and liked it.

There are a number of reasons why Barbara has become comfortable in her new home.

“Compassionate care is at the top of the list,” says Gene. “When you’re asking for help, asking for something, you’re always greeted warmly. A nurse or nursing assistant might give Barbara a hug or something like that. The woman who runs the food operation, Christina (Gooldrup), came over and said, ‘I know you like milkshakes. Would you like a milkshake with your supper tonight? What flavor would you like?’ Those things are above and beyond.”

Barbara and Gene say the staff is attentive, something they appreciate since Barbara, a former nurse, hesitates to ring her call button. They say the rooms and floors are clean.  Barbara enjoys the food. And, they’re pleased that Mass is regularly celebrated.

Gene says Christina even gave her personal DVD player to Barbara because she was no longer using it, and Barbara wanted to be able to watch movies.

Barbara appreciates St. Joseph’s love-based care. She says, “If I had to move, I would ask, ‘Why do I have to move? I love it here.”