Anna is the eldest of seven children. An illness that required brain surgery left her disabled for much of her life, but she was able to live on her own and take care of herself. Her youngest sister, Mary Lou, remembers that when her sister’s health deteriorated: “Anna told all of us, ‘If I have to go somewhere, I want to go to St. Joe’s.’ It was all we needed to hear.”

Anna was moved to St. Joseph’s where Mary Lou says the staff understands her sister. “They respect her and meet her where she is. They don’t try to push her into anything she is uncomfortable with. They are very good to her and do whatever is needed for her. She has difficulty with diet and the foods she eats, so they change up her food to accommodate her.”

Mary Lou lives out-of-state and she says, “Not living close-by, it is so good for me to know she is being well taken care of. The St. Joseph’s staff loves my sister, and it is so refreshing.”