Hank Aaron may have hit 755 home runs, but that doesn’t come close to Peter Miller. A St. Joseph’s resident, Peter Miller looks forward to playing Wii Baseball each day and has racked up some impressive numbers: 533 grand slams, 27,899 home runs, and 3,703 triples. Peter also likes talking about Wii Baseball with his friend, Jon Dahms, Human Resources Generalist at St. Joseph’s. Jon frequently goes down to the auditorium to watch Peter play and enjoys giving Peter a hard time about the game. The two have even faced off against each other several times. The outcome? Well that depends on which one of them you ask.

Wii Baseball isn’t Miller’s first love, however.  He was introduced to Wii Bowling in the winter 2013 by St. Joseph’s activities department and quickly became hooked. As his skills progressed, Peter challenged himself with bowling a perfect game. After his 50th Perfect Game, St. Joe’s celebrated with a certificate commemorating his accomplishment, a trophy, and many congratulations. We can’t wait to see what Peter will tackle next!