Joe Latini

After having worked at Saint Joseph’s for over five years, Joe has become a point person for all of Environmental Services including Housekeeping and Laundry.  Joe is seen as a leader for the department with a strong work ethic and exceptional knowledge for what he does.

After performing non-physical work for over 30 years, Joe was looking for something where he could be on his feet and active throughout his day.  He certainly gets that at Saint Joseph’s!  When considering Saint Joseph’s, Joe was excited about the idea of working in a fast-paced environment where physical and mental fitness were encouraged and essential to the job.  Joe also states, “I had a chance to give back to the community that I grew up in.”

For Joe, the benefits of working at Saint Joseph’s include medical and dental insurance that are second to none and come at a very reasonable rate.  Joe also adds that it’s a pleasure to work with such a friendly and helpful staff.

After five years of dedicated service to Saint Joseph’s, Joe continues to invest his time and efforts into what he considers “The Total Package”.  In his words, the stable positions, good pay, great benefits and a stellar team make Saint Joseph’s a fantastic organization to work for.