Joe Macisso Jr.

Joe began working at Saint Joseph’s in 2008 when his family purchased a home in North Deering, close  to the facility.  Joe wasn’t the only one in his family to become a valued member of our team as his wife and son both began working here that same year.  In 2015 his niece joined our team as well!

Joe is pleasantly surprised by how much he has learned at Saint Joseph’s–both about providing quality care to our residents, and also about himself.  In late 2017, Joe left Saint Joseph’s for a new opportunity.  After three days of working elsewhere, Joe realized that he wasn’t doing what he was meant to do.  He had found his calling at Saint Joseph’s and very quickly returned.  The staff was excited and so were the residents

Joe enjoys that Saint Joseph’s fosters an environment of learning, not only about himself but how he approaches challenges today compared to when he first became a CNA.  Joe encourages people to join the Saint Joseph’s team, where they’ll not only make an impact on patients and residents, but they’ll be professionally challenged as well.  After 10 years of service Joe notes that “family” is what keeps him so invested.  Whether his own, or that of Saint Joseph’s, it’s all one in the same when you’re under this roof.