Kelley Hartman

St. Joseph's leadership Kelley Hartman

Kelley is our Social Work Assistant who loves the caring culture here.

What does she love about St. Joseph’s? She says St. Joe’s is about all the little things. “It’s about people who come out of their offices to cheer on a man who hasn’t walked in months as he takes his first steps down the hall with prosthetics.

It’s about our Director of Clinical Services doing everything in her power to get one of our residents home to St. Joe’s from the hospital ASAP, so he could be around people who love and care about him as he died.

It’s about doing everything one can to get a resident’s loved one to the facility for a visit, even if that means paying for a cab to and from the facility.

It’s about our Maintenance Department going out on a snowy day to pick up a resident’s loved one to visit a family member.

It’s about our nurses practicing how to French braid on their friends’ hair because one resident really wants her hair French braided daily.

It’s about LOVE. It’s about not feeling like I’m going to work every day, but feeling like I get to spend eight hours a day with extended family. It is impossible to put what St. Joe’s means into words, because love is something that is felt, and not described.”


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