Michelle Jacques

Michelle began working at Saint Joseph’s in 2015 as a CNA while attending Nursing school.  After passing her nursing exam in early 2016, Michelle applied for a Registered Nurse position with our facility.  Michelle says, “I love the small community.  Everyone knows everybody and it feels like everybody cares for everybody.”

“Saint Joseph’s is a place that is willing to work with you when things come up or change.  Because life happens and they understand that.”  Saint Joseph’s values a strong work life balance by offering creative and flexible scheduling options that meet the needs of both the facility and the staff.

Michelle states that she enjoys the camaraderie among staff members.  “It’s great to hear when experienced nurses come in and say, ‘I’ve never been in a place where everyone is so willing to help each other.'”  Michelle is a great example of that.  She is always willing to go above and beyond to assist the residents as well as other staff members, regardless of their role or what the task might be.

Working in Long Term Care, our staff is able to build relationships with the residents, getting to know them as individuals as well as their families.  “The residents make all the difference,” says Michelle.  She adds, “Saint Joseph’s is a great community with a lot of caring people in it.  You don’t just feel like a number or another worker, you feel like you matter.”  Every employee is an integral part of our team, making significant contributions to the quality of care that we provide.

Michelle loves how Saint Joseph’s strongly encourages staff to feel empowered with a care delivery model that promotes communication and innovation.  “I have a lot of flexibility to come up with new ideas and ways to better our residents, and the changes are welcome.  I feel like I make a difference.  A lot of us do, and it’s great to continue to see those changes.”